NTE Solutions offers a team of highly experienced professionals who can provide long-term advisory services to support the continuous enhancement of the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of nuclear plants. Our team members act as a long-term trusted advisers, who can provide outside-in analysis of specific issues, or opinions on potential solutions you may already be considering. 

Specific nuclear advisory services include:

• Leadership Coaching / Mentoring / Training
• Work Practices & Behaviors Analysis
• Organizational Effectiveness
• Corrective Action Plan (Development / Validation / Close-Out)
• Long-Range Plans, Priorities, & Strategies 


• Capital Investment Planning
• Regulatory Implementation Planning
• Construction / Modification Reviews
• Owner Oversight
• Energy Market / Policy Consulting

Our nuclear advisory services team has some of the most experienced professionals serving the industry. The unique aspect of our offering is that our team of professionals have sat in your chair before and faced the many complex decisions confronting the nuclear industry on a daily basis.