The staff at NTE Solutions has significant experience in managing the commercialization, hedging, and optimization of power generating assets, coupled with extensive energy storage knowledge. We utilize our experience to help maximize the value of our clients' generating assets by effectively developing and implementing strategies to manage commercial risks associated with power generation ownership at a level commensurate with the risk profile of each individual client.

The NTE Solutions staff has been responsible for the commercialization of over 42,000 MW of combined electric generation assets and has executed over $4.7 billion in originated power sale contracts. Our experience includes managing commercialization and hedging activities for an independent power producer fleet, a large electric utility and generating assets owned by other non-utility groups such as private equity/investment funds.

We have 50 years of combined experience optimizing a wide variety of natural gas, coal and renewable power generation assets. Our industry relationships cover an extensive range of utilities, load aggregators, financial institutions, renewable developers, thermal generation developers and independent energy merchants in ERCOT, MISO, ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, SERC, SPP, and WSPP.

As a result of our long history in the electric power industry, the NTE Solutions power marketing staff have extensive commercial contacts and a proven track record of success originating physical and financial power contracts. We have the market reach necessary to implement the commercial strategies we develop for each specific client’s generating assets. 

Specific commercialization and contracting services include:

  • Power and Fuel Asset Commercialization Strategy Development
  • Natural Gas Transportation and Commodity Procurement
  • ISO/RTO Interface Activities
  • Industry Group Representation
  • RFP Process Management
  • Physical and Financial Power Contract Origination


  • Power and Fuel Hedging Strategy Development
  • Capacity and Energy Sales Opportunity Identification
  • Steam Contract Negotiation and Management
  • Ancillary Services Monetization
  • Deal Structuring
  • Electric Energy Storage Applications and Technologies